The Old School

Here are some photos from the work we did to transform a former Primary School Hall into our new home.

The hall before we did anything:

The Old School 1

During the painting:

The Old School 2

Painting almost finished:

The Old School 3

We put up a scaffold mezzanine (storage underneath, office on top) and adapted the gym bars which were left in the hall to use as the safety rail:

The Old School 4

Painting & mezzanine structure finished:

The Old School 5

The finished space!

Photo: Joe Clarke

Photo: Joe Clarke

A view from the other end, curtains in place to cover the storage and workshop areas:

Photo: Joe Clarke

Photo: Joe Clarke

Sven Hopla & co rehearsing in the space:

Photo: Joe Clarke

Photo: Joe Clarke

Matt Pang in the workshop area next to the mezzanine:

Photo: Joe Clarke

Photo: Joe Clarke

The space is in full use now, both for our own rehearsals and other companies. We’re planning on continuing to add things to the space over time; including mirrors along one wall and theatre blacks on all the walls so we can create a black box space if required.

Massive thanks to the following for helping out with painting, constructing and moving in, without their help we’d probably still be painting now, 3 months after moving in!

So, thanks; Catherine Boot, Truan Jay Mathias, Lucy Spielberg, Alan Conlon and Danny Chase.

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