Luke Thomas

Sound Design/Composition

A composer, musical director, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Liverpool with work appearing in all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

Theatre, video games, film, a cold wintery forest, a menacing basement, a cavernous warehouse, and even an abandoned phonebox. I’ve worked in loads of strange places. There’s no location or project that can’t be improved with the right kind of music and sound!

As well as creating music and sound for media I have also designed a number of interactive audio installations including ‘The Photo Album’ for Liverpool LightNight 2016 and ‘Karaoke’ for Control 25 in 2014.

I love to explore and integrate emerging technologies into my approach and experiment with unusual instruments, techniques, and musical genres. I’ve written and performed for looping pedals, instruments made out of raw vegetables, and built an interactive keyboard made of cutlery. Whatever best serves the project, the music, and engages the audience.

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