Déda STEAM Club Project

We are very excited to be working on this project which is being developed by Déda in Derby in conjunction with Rolls Royce and PanGottic during 2018/19.

This project will create a partnership of primary schools, creative professionals and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) professionals to improve STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Maths) opportunities for children and young people in disadvantaged areas of Derby.

We will be developing a bespoke version of our show Long Shot to perform in the schools with the aim of inspiring the children with the interactive mix of circus, science and engineering. Following the performance we will show children the science and engineering behind the contraptions and tricks, explaining how the magic happens. This will then be followed by an interactive workshop led by us, Déda dance artists and Engineers from Rolls Royce where children get involved in making contraptions and having a go at performing tricks, using the science and engineering they have learnt.

Following this Déda will set up STEAM clubs in each of the schools to develop interest and skills in these subjects. These will run fortnightly for 6 months at 3 primary schools for year 5 & 6 pupils with a target of 50% female, and 75% children who are eligible for pupil premium. They will encourage the schools to run STEAM clubs in between their visits.

The project will culminate with two opportunities for the children to attend/present at STEAM festivals: a city-wide festival for children and young people and at the Big Bang Near Me.

We will be working with KS2 pupils from three primary schools in Derby:

  • Bemrose Primary School
  • Becket Primary School
  • Ashgate Primary School

During this project we will be working with Rolls Royce engineers, dance artists from Déda and Déda’s Dance development and learning team. Together we will have a research and development period to devise exciting ways of engaging children in STEAM as well as being part of a half day STEAM Club Toolkit/CPD session for teachers.

Click here for more info from Déda.

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