FLUKE is on hold until the foreseeable future, if you would be interested in making this show happen get in touch!


WHAT is Fluke?


An outdoor show with 3 cast members who use juggling, drumming and clowning as their tools, aided by bespoke gadgets to create a show which is flexible in its requirements in terms of space and location, maintains a high quality and is accessible, allowing it to reach those who do not regularly experience the arts.

Fluke will be a messy, joyful, anarchic, chaotic spectacle of circus, audience interaction and live music. Think Gandini meets Les Vernisseurs, blended with PanGottic’s trademark charm and ingenuity. The audience will be invited to take part in real life games with the performers, where the outcome is anyone’s guess. These will segue into moments of beautifully crafted juggling choreography, leaving the audience on a high and wanting to watch it all over again.

Some of the material in Fluke will be inspired by our award winning indoor show Yalla Yalla (2011) along with a lot of completely new material.


WHERE is this show for?

Outdoors, to be played on the streets, in parks and in open spaces. Anywhere where the public can get close to the show and there are no barriers between the performers and the audience.

WHO is this show for?

Everyone! We pride ourselves on making work which is accessible for as many people as possible of all ages, nationalities and culture. We thrive on reaching those who are not usually exposed to the arts and relish the challenge of winning the audience over and giving them no choice but to be drawn into the intriguing little shows we create on the street – no matter how tough the crowd.

WHAT skills/genres?

We like to use Circus as our medium and then take it from there, so we’ll be using juggling as the main circus ‘skill’. There will be a heavy dose of clown and physical comedy. And of course the skill of working outdoors will be key, interacting with the people and improvising with the things that aren’t planned.


Of course! But unlike past shows Fluke isn’t about setting up and preparing the contraptions in anticipation of setting it of in a “grand finale”. The contraptions in Fluke will be the tools needed to instigate the mischief and the mayhem and allow the action to happen. We’ll be designing our own custom remote control contraptions to be used in the show, object flingers, and driveable catapults are all on the cards.


The creative team and collaborators


Watch this space, we’ll be including more collaborators as we go along.


How much space will this show need?

We estimate an approximate area of 10m square (not including the audience) will be required to play the show. We consider this show to be small scale due to the proximity of the performers to the audience. Intimacy is an important factor for our work and helps us connect and play with our audiences. We will also try to keep the show adaptable so it can play in as many different spaces as possible.

How long?


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