What is the #HappyHeartBike?

The #HappyHeartBike is a hand crafted ball rolling mechanical contraption on wheels, it’s street theatre and kinetic art on the move!

The #HappyHeartBike was created as a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic to continue delivering outdoor arts to local communities, putting smiles on faces and providing inspiration during a time of crisis.

This intriguing piece of moving art has been built onto a normal bike so it can reach many communities on open roads causing minimal disruption.

Can I book the #HappyHeartBike?

Yes you can! If you are an organisation or event looking for some physically distant, door-step street theatre the #happyheartbike is available for bookings. I will work with you to create the ideal route for your scenario.

Click here to see a full risk assesment for the #happyheartbike.

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