Long Shot – Indoor Show

When failure is not an option, what could possibly go wrong?

Join us for a catapultastic evening of clowning, contraptions, comedy and courage, as one man’s belief in the near impossible is put to the test. Part non-verbal circus performance, part behind the scenes ‘making of’, Long Shot will have you on the edge of your seat. Or hiding behind it. Either way, it’s going to be a blast.

Further Information

Long Shot is a one man show about juggling, inventions, and the risk of failure. The performer uses handmade remote controlled contraptions to literally give control of the performance over to the audience. The show is designed for unusual/small performance spaces. We like playing to audiences who aren’t necessarily regular arts attenders.

The first half of the show is a performance. The second half is part performance, part demonstration, allowing the audience to see behind the scenes and into the head of the inventor – a little like when a magician reveals his tricks, but with circus and contraptions. You book the first half as a standalone performance (50-60mins), or both halves for a full evening of entertainment (1hr 45mins).

Technical Requirements

For Theatres and Venues equipped for taking shows you can download the show Tech Spec here.

For Rural Touring and non conventional Theatre spaces we can be technically self-contained. If your venue doesn’t have lights or sound equipment – no problem! We can tour with our own lights and sound system that are operated onstage by the performer.

  • Long Shot is designed to be extremely flexible in its staging to cope with different sized venues and sight lines. We like to perform in unusual spaces and configurations!
  • No wings required
  • Minimum performance space required: 5m width, 5m depth, 3.5m height.
  • The performance space must be on the same level as the audience. Unfortunately Long Shot is not suitable for raised stages.

The Creation

In 2015 we received support and seed funding from Bristol Circus City, and previewed a 20 minute version of Long Shot as part of Currency Festival at The Place, an annual festival of experimental European work that blurs the borders between dance, performance art and contemporary circus.

Having received further funding from Arts Council England we fully developed Long Shot as a full length show designed for small scale and rural touring. It has a flexible format, and is suitable for a variety of spaces.

Other Information

Target audience: Families and adults of any age.

Capacity per performance: 50-300, depending on size of performance area and overall capacity of venue – please contact us if you’d like to talk discuss this in relation to your venue. We will happily perform this show for smaller audiences.

Performances per day: 1, if a get in is required on the same day. If our set and tech equipment is already in-situ we can perform 2 shows a day.

Wraparound activity: We are happy to offer workshops in juggling and contraption building for an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.


This show is a continually touring show and is available year-round and at short(ish) notice subject to availability.

For show costs any other information please contact us.

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