Logic of Nothing R&D Video 2

We spent our second R&D period at Prema Arts Centre a couple of weeks ago where we focussed more on the circus aspect of the show, exploring some ways of interacting and combining the circus skills and contraptions. Joe Clarke came along on the last day and, has again, put together a brilliant video. We got a feeling there’s a lot more where this came from!


Logic Of Nothing R&D 2 at Prema Arts, Dursley from PanGottic Circus-Theatre on Vimeo.

Thanks to Prema for having us for the week!

Next stop is The Barbican Theatre in Plymouth at the end of this month.

2 responses to “Logic of Nothing R&D Video 2”

  1. Helen Sheard says:

    Hi, love the videos, would like to come and see you at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth – are you doing a performance or workshop, and on which day? I checked their calendar but couldn’t see anything that was obviously you!
    Thanks, Helen

  2. Matt Pang says:

    We’re just doing some rehearsals and devising at the barbican this month, but we’ll be returning in either the Autumn this yer or Spring 2014. See you there!

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