Summer Travels

One of the perks of the job (for me) is travelling to different countries and taking in some culture, here are a few snaps from some of this summer’s adventures:

German Camp Set upAbove: Mid-trip camping set-up in Germany on our way to Austria for  Linz Pflasterspektakel Festival

Linz AudienceAbove: A lovely Linz audience.

Danube RiverAbove: The river Donau which runs through Linz.

Big Enough

Above: The performance space for Thingamabob at Jean-Baptiste André Godin‘s Familistère (Social Palace), in Guise, France. The whole building was a very interesting and architecturally impressive museum about the French social innovator – well worth a visit if you’re passing.


Above: Inside one of Godin’s residential buildings of the social palace. Complete with self regulating air flow and other neat feats of engineering.

Godin Set-up

Above: Pre-show set-up in Guise.


Above: Carefully observed by the local residents of the Familistère


Above: Rough and rugged industrial Gorilla eyeing his target at Berlin Lacht! Festival

Contraption Game 2 Contraption Game 1

Above: Ingenious contraption games in the centre of Alexander Platz as part of Berlin Lacht! Festival. Obviously this kept me busy between shows.

Lake Ukiel - Poland

Above: Overnight stop at Lake Ukiel in Poland on the way to Latvia. Swimming obligatory.

Re Re Riga HQ

Above: Festival HQ for Re Re Riga Festival in Riga, Latvia. Only the second year for this festival. The organisations enthusiasm for Circus and Street Theatre was refreshing, even more refreshing was the amount of audience who travelled from far and wide (Lithuania and Russia to name a few) specifically to come to the festival. It was a strong program which was unlikely to disappoint and it was great to be part of it!



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