Sunday 24th May 2020 – Hanham

#happyheartbike route map for Sunday the 24th May:

The following roads make up the route and have been requested by people who would like to see the bike! All timings are approximate:

Lower Hanham Road – 13:40
Monkton Road – 13:55
Memorial Road – 14:05
Kings Drive – 14:15
Samuel White Road – 14:30
Rangers Walk – 14:45
Bibury Crescent – 15:00
Grange Avenue – 15:15
Northfield Avenue – 15:30
Greenbank Road – 15:35
Hanham Hall – 15:45
Riverside Way – 16:10
Harefield Close – 16:20
Lime Road – 16:30

If you would like to see the bike coming down your road on a future route, please get in touch!

Please spread the word! You can let people know about it via the Facebook event:

If you enjoyed seeing the #happyheartbike and would like to support PanGottic and the work I do you can donate here.


Please follow the advice below to keep us all safe during my ride:

  • Ideally watch from your front door/garden. If you come onto the pavement please stay on the pavement and ensure your children do not come onto the road.
  • Please ensure your children are supervised at all times.
  • Please observe all goverment regulations with regards to Covid-19 and social distancing: remain 2 meters away from anyone who is not from your household, including me!
  • Please do not touch anything from or on the bike.

You can find the full Goverenment Covid-19 regulations here.

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