Thingamabob – Outdoor Show

Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Sarah Dunwood
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Jaap Reedijk
Photo: Luka Dakskobler

With an internationally renowned blend of circus, invention and humour, PanGottic brings to life a giant ball slinging, self exploding piece of handcrafted gadgetry, inspired by the famous Rube Goldberg machines and Heath Robinson contraptions. Be part of the mayhem as our intrepid inventor risks nerve wracking failure to bring you one perfect chain reaction… with a some help from his little assistant.

Duration: 30-45 mins | Family Friendly | Non-verbal

Created 2012

Creative Team:

Conceived and Created by PanGottic
Creatively Produced by Alchemy Productions
Co-Directed by Revital Gottshalk & Matt Pang
Set/Props Design & Construction by Matt Pang & Adam Pang
Performer: Matt Pang

Supported by:

Arts Council England

Co-Commissioned by:

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival
Le Fourneau
Hat Fair
Chelmsford City Council

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