Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Ashley Bird
Photo: Jaap Reedijk
Photo: Veronique Riviere
Photo: Luka Dakskobler

Inspired by the famous Rube Goldberg Machines; “a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation” (Webster’s New World Dictionary). Thingamabob is a spectacle which brings a highly original devised, ball slinging, self exploding contraption to the public where they, the audience, become part of the machine themselves and play a role to ensure the complete satisfaction of watching one of these wonderful chain reaction machines work.

This show uses a mixture of circus, invention and comedy to bring a mesmerising piece of gadgetry to life. All presented with PanGottic’s charm and wit captivating the audience right up until the moment the machine animates itself, its inventor and its audience.

• Duration: 30-45 mins • Family Friendly • Non-verbal

Creative Team:

Conceived and Created by PanGottic
Creatively Produced by Alchemy Productions
Co-Directed by Revital Gottshalk & Matt Pang
Set/Props Design & Construction by Matt Pang & Adam Pang
Performer: Matt Pang

Supported by:

Arts Council England

Co-Commissioned by:

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival
Le Fourneau
Hat Fair
Chelmsford City Council

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