What is the #HappyHeartBike?

The #HappyHeartBike is a hand crafted ball rolling mechanical contraption on wheels, it’s street theatre and kinetic art on the move!

The #HappyHeartBike has been created as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic to continue delivering outdoor arts to local communities, putting smiles on faces and providing inspiration during a time of crisis. All whilst out out on my daily exercise.

This intriguing piece of moving art has been built onto a normal bike so it can reach many communities on open roads causing minimal disruption.

How can I see the #HappyHeartBike?

Every Sunday during the Convid-19 pandemic I will ride a pre-set route around my local area visiting the streets on which people have requested to see the bike. You can see the routes for the Hanham/Bristol on the routes link at the top of the page under #HappyHeartBike, there are also event pages on facebook for each route day so people can invite their neighbours and let them know it’s happening. If you live in or around Bristol and you would like the bike to come to your area get in touch and I’ll see if I can get a route organised!

Can I book the #HappyHeartBike?

Yes you can! If you are an organisation or event looking for some physically distant, door-step street theatre the #happyheartbike is available for bookings. I will work with you to create the ideal route for your scenario.


Please follow the advice below to keep us all safe during my ride:

  • Ideally watch from your front door/garden. If you come onto the pavement please stay on the pavement and ensure your children do not come onto the road.
  • Please ensure your children are supervised at all times.
  • Please observe all goverment regulations with regards to Covid-19 and social distancing.
  • Please do not touch anything from or on the bike, including me!

You can find the full Goverenment Covid-19 regulations here.

Click here to see a full risk assesment for the #happyheartbike.

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