What’s next? + Korea: Behind the scenes video

Happy New Year from PanGottic!

Twenty Twelve was another good year for us; we created our new outdoor show Thingamabob, performed over 40 times at many new festivals in the UK and abroad and made a return visit to South Korea to perform once again at the Incheon International Clown Mime Festival.

We’re looking forward to getting stuck into 2013 and beyond, we have lots of projects planned including:

  • A New Indoor Show: 2013 will see the creation of Doohickey (Working title) a new indoor show developed with ideas from the creation of Thingamabob. This will premiere in Bristol in October 2013 with a tour during Autumn 2013/Spring 2014. (More details on this new creation in a post to come soon!)
  • A New Space: We’ve had our workshop at The College Project for over a year now but unfortunately we’re having to move out in April. So, we’re currently looking for a new space to accommodate our expanding needs. Hopefully 2013 will see us in a new space which fulfills our workshop,rehearsal and office needs, as well as being able to offer rehearsal/creation/training space to other artists.
  • Another New Show: 2013 will also see the very beginnings in research and development for a new 4 person outdoor show ready for Summer 2014.

Alongside all of this we’ll be continuing to develop Thingamabob and touring it through the Summer.

Behind the scenes in S.Korea:

Whilst in Korea the festival had a camera following each of the companies, at the end of the festival they gave us this edit of our time in Korea, it was  a really nice surprise gift, hope you enjoy it!

Thingamabob at the Incheon International Clown Mime Festival 2012 from PanGottic Circus-Theatre on Vimeo.

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